I miss you

by NoreenM, June 18, 2013

missed you yesterday and the day before. I missed you today and I still miss you even right now. will there come a time when I can see your face and let me behold that grace that makes you who you are. of ages they wrote an Ode to my lover. will I sing to you the sweetest sounds for my notes are smooth and affectionate. there is a time when an artist sings and the stars and the winds stand to attention and quiver with delight. see I sing as such and I even dance with synchronised shake like that of beautiful roses being lulled into sleep by a beautiful breeze.

I miss you and I missed you. hold my hand and let me beguile you with my wise words and my talents. I am I think a woman revered by many yet not yet owned by one. Find me and let us dance together.

I dream of you, yet am yet to behold your face. I miss you

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