let me be more than i am

by NoreenM, July 4, 2013

In a distance we rise above the winds. We have strength hidden within us that if for but a moment we sat in the silence of our own hearts and let peace come to the front we rise above every storm. For in the blood lies a magnitude of wisdom, in the blood lies peace and understanding. It’s not just who we are on the outside that counts, for we are all but flesh. What defines us is not the physical or the material but the spirit that lies in us. We are made to withstand, we are made to conquer, we are made to sail we are made to be legends; we are made to change seasons.
For in a time of conflict we need to step back and create space to be just who we are. We can be stronger, we can be humble, we can be kind, and we can be more than we are.
We all have prayers we say, dreams we dream, thoughts we think, wishes we wish for, hopes we hope for. My personal prayers be that I remain humble in all things, let kindness be me, let me be understanding, may I be a giver who seeks no restitution, may I be a woman who will love beyond understanding. May I instil peace wherever I go, may I be a great server, may I be a shelter in the rain, may I bless those who need me to bless, may I be a hope for someone, a future for someone, for I rise

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