we are awesome, i kow i am awesome

by NoreenM, July 9, 2013

Brothers and sisters we are a new generation, a generation of kingdom ambassadors, trend setters, gimpers for our God. We rise every day and look in the mirrors and acknowledge how awesome we are. Yes we look into our spouses and think what a mighty fine creature that God just made for me.
We are a generation not defined by age, colour, status or race. We are the generation that gives beauty to ashes; a generation that is causing and will make dry bones live again. We are “THE PEOPLE, THE IT”. When we walk the devil shudders and takes cover because these little shoes thunder with authority, when we speak, we speak with authority and power, Hitler didn’t know crap about public speaking, we are the greatest. We are dominion, a superior people, humble, ready to serve yet masters of the universe. We rise laden with gifts, dish them out and bless people and we come back a million times richer.
Today, we rise and we conquer. We are the blessed, appointed, anointed, appointed, chosen, applauded, elected, elevated and honoured. That’s how our God rolls

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