The People

by NoreenM, June 9, 2015

We are a people that will never fight in vain. For each struggle, for each battle we fall but never to die. We fall because we rise. our strength is not in numbers, we have stronger back up.  We shout a war cry and our basilica is stronger than man. we at times are beat down, broke down, disgusted almost verging at the point of insanity but we never lose the plot. We are the people, a new breed, the new Israel, for we circled those walls of Jericho a million times and we brought them down. Kings and Queens in the end bow down to us. we are the rebels, we rose, fought, conqured. We never gave up. We are The People. Let us arise fight for our future, fight for humanity, fight for a cause, fight for our beliefs. we are defenders of the weak, light in darkness, members of the Brotherhood and sisterhood, We are Generation God

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