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day 24 letters. letter from an old nemesis( the mistress)

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Dear Kadija

You probably have forgotten or do not remember me, my name is Keisha and I am the woman who broke up your family.  I was the mistress to Chris. I would like to apologise for all the hard times I put you through by destroying your marriage. I thought my outward beauty is all needed to get me to the top of the world. I was very wrong. I realise now that you are the most beautiful woman in the world, because unlike me your beauty is not superficial but it goes deeper into your soul. You are the virtuous woman they we wrote about in the bible. I have observed from a distance and know if I can be half the woman you are I will be blessed beyond measure. You have weathered seasons and still come out with your head held high.

All the things you ever told me about Chris turned out to be true. He hit me so many times, especially after he lost his job and there was no money in the house anymore. I have so many scars that I cannot even conceal. I wrote this letter just to ask for your forgiveness.


From Keisha

The ex-mistress


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My name is Keisha and I once was a mistress to Chris. I was the major contributing factor to him divorcing his wife Kadija and leaving his three boys. I was gleeful when he told me all the bad things he had done to Kadija. I thought I was a queen and that my outward beauty would take me places. I never thought I will cry tears like a river. I am now also a single mother. After Chris divorced Kadija we were living the high life and when it was found out that Chris was stealing he lost his job. Money ran out and I left him. I did not know by then that I was HIV positive because it turns out I wasn’t the only young woman in his life. There were 6 other mistresses and not to mention his other one night stands on his so called business trips. I found out my condition when I was 8 months pregnant. I nearly jumped off the bridge that day.

It really is true what goes around comes around. I really should have been kind to Kadija. I heard she got born again and I think she put a spell on me. Someone told me that once you get born again God will make your enemies your footstool. They say he answers prayers by fire and he sends mighty armies to fight for his children. They say he is quoted as saying vengeance is his and that no one should touch his anointed ones. How the hell was I supposed to know that a ghetto woman like Kadija was the apple of Gods eye. She is too ordinary but they say anyone who seeks and worships him is of the Royal Priesthood. I wish someone had given me the heads up that I was dealing with a fiery fire.

I also heard that he slew the mighty men of pharaoh and king Jaben’s army even though he had Cisera who had been fighting from his youth and he had 900 chariots. I am shaking in my boots because this God that Kadija is worshipping is mighty. I really have to ask for forgiveness. I heard this frightening story is in a book called 2 Kings or something like that. Also they say he causes rain to turn into fire and he commands all elements to bow down to his will.

To every other woman who thinks it is ok to break a family please learn from me because anyone is Gods anointed.

I will write to Kadija and ask her forgiveness