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Darkness in light

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Darkness in the light
I saw it yesterday but then I could not understand. It seems wherever I looked it just seemed so dark. The darkness was really frightening. Then there was also the silence that reminded me of something sinister but I could neither place my finger on what it was nor could I find the right words to describe it.
I could not touch it, neither could I feel it but it was there. My heart would thump really hard and sometimes even the dizzy spells were excruciating. I just didn’t want to be a part of it but then I was too cowardly too to just walk away. How could I survive walking through the dark without knowing where I was going, but also how could I stay in one place in the dark when I was so frightened. At these times my imagination ran riots. Classic gruesome tales of old would come rushing through my mind, I could feel the tremors and the cold shivers creeping up my back as my hair stood still. read more