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we are awesome, i kow i am awesome

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Brothers and sisters we are a new generation, a generation of kingdom ambassadors, trend setters, gimpers for our God. We rise every day and look in the mirrors and acknowledge how awesome we are. Yes we look into our spouses and think what a mighty fine creature that God just made for me.
We are a generation not defined by age, colour, status or race. We are the generation that gives beauty to ashes; a generation that is causing and will make dry bones live again. We are “THE PEOPLE, THE IT”. When we walk the devil shudders and takes cover because these little shoes thunder with authority, when we speak, we speak with authority and power, Hitler didn’t know crap about public speaking, we are the greatest. We are dominion, a superior people, humble, ready to serve yet masters of the universe. We rise laden with gifts, dish them out and bless people and we come back a million times richer.
Today, we rise and we conquer. We are the blessed, appointed, anointed, appointed, chosen, applauded, elected, elevated and honoured. That’s how our God rolls

in your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!
When God wants to take you somewhere, he will get you there. There is always that small voice that begins to nag at the back of your mind. The problem though is that sometimes we are in so much of a comfort zone, we shrug them as emotional thinking or even mistaking them as the devil trying to disturb our peace. In the zeal of being the new generation that seems to be perfecting the art of spiritual war fare, we begin to bind the devil, pour oil over ourselves, and denounce witches and demons.
We forget that God is the author of destiny, he already knows his plans for us, knows our tomorrow, and he is in control. So when he says in his time, hey its time to pack your bags, he lets you know and lets you set out the conditions. If however in our humanity we wont budge, he does his thing, he moves you out. It is hard though to leave the familiar and explore again. Remember though in a few years time, you will look back and say God knew it all along that I will be laughing at this time. In your face devil!
God is almighty and he sees the workings of our hearts, men may seek to define us, impose restrictions on us, devalue us, box us in, think they are better than us, hang on though. One day they will be calling you boss, one day they will beg you to give them a chance. They will drop your name in their circles because your name is known throughout the land and they want to dine at your table., they want to rub shoulders with you.
Brothers and sisters we are a mighty people we may not possess all the gold but I say it’s a not yet moment. When they say you don’t have this and that, you are not that, just say its not yet, but hey its coming, I am already that you just have to see it. I go to bed every night, I know how my husband is going to be, I know what my house looks like, I know what my office looks like, I know how many zero’s are in my account, I know the west wing of my house is where my mum will live, I am in my its coming moment for a day in the kings court is like a thousand years.

let me be more than i am

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In a distance we rise above the winds. We have strength hidden within us that if for but a moment we sat in the silence of our own hearts and let peace come to the front we rise above every storm. For in the blood lies a magnitude of wisdom, in the blood lies peace and understanding. It’s not just who we are on the outside that counts, for we are all but flesh. What defines us is not the physical or the material but the spirit that lies in us. We are made to withstand, we are made to conquer, we are made to sail we are made to be legends; we are made to change seasons.
For in a time of conflict we need to step back and create space to be just who we are. We can be stronger, we can be humble, we can be kind, and we can be more than we are.
We all have prayers we say, dreams we dream, thoughts we think, wishes we wish for, hopes we hope for. My personal prayers be that I remain humble in all things, let kindness be me, let me be understanding, may I be a giver who seeks no restitution, may I be a woman who will love beyond understanding. May I instil peace wherever I go, may I be a great server, may I be a shelter in the rain, may I bless those who need me to bless, may I be a hope for someone, a future for someone, for I rise

even a peep hole will do

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Even a peep hole will have to do!

Often we cry when a door is closed to us especially if it is something we loved and treasured. This is only a natural reaction because the hows and whys are not visible to us. Sometimes it is the job we loved doing and then suddenly due to circumstances beyond us we are forced to walk away. It may even be a relationship that we invested everything into, the kind we know you lost the other part of your soul. You know you did everything by the book, you loved, you cared and you worked hard on it. We sit and over-analyse were it all went wrong and still we cannot pinpoint an exact element that made it all go so wrong.
However if you look back at those things years later you realise nothing happens for no reason. Maybe the person you thought was your soul-mate dies and you suddenly think I could have been a widow by now but God did not allow it. You still love and miss the person but it just was not your destiny to end up all alone. Or maybe that job you cared about turns out it went down under quicker than anyone ever imagined and you came out unscathed because God moved you just in time.
The trick in life is that if a door has been shut whether by Gods design or other ungodly unforeseen entity, you better be smart to start looking for an open window, if there is no open window, an air vent will have to do otherwise in the worst case scenario even a peep hole can be dug to provide a means of escape. You just have to find a way out. A closed door is not the end of your life it is just the start to an ingenious mind and achieving greater things.

Day 30 Letter to myself ( just a reminder)

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A letter to myself (Just a reminder)

Sometimes I wake up with tears in my eyes but I know I have to remain strong and I don’t have to ever stop looking forward to the future. I stumble and come across so many hurdles, sometimes they are small and sometimes they look gigantic for my tiny frame to climb. There are even times when I grope around and fumble in the dark, there are the times when I do not know whether I am coming or going. Giving up though I must not. I will hold on tight to my ship that seems to be sinking and bless it with all that I have because joy always comes in the morning and trouble don’t last always. If Samson had strength in his hair and David found his strength in a stone, surely I can take a reed in the midst of a fast falling waterfall and it becomes my strength.

I do not have to compete with my brothers and sisters or my neighbours. Life is a marathon, it is not about winning but whether I have run the race. It says in the Bible I have run a good race and fought a good fight. It’s not about anyone else it’s about me. I will not trade my life for anyone else because I have learnt to circumnavigate around my own trash and know how to recycle it and create a masterpiece on the most beautiful canvas ready to hang up in my own gallery.

My own life is a carefully woven masterpiece and I must not follow trends, let me be the trendsetter. I am not the next best thing after so and so; someone else can be the next best thing after me. No one has to tell me how great I am, I already know I am legend, I stand astride my own history book as phenomenal as I can be. My thoughts govern my reality, so I may take a few wrong turns but one way or another I will get to where I want to be.

I am beautiful, blessed, highly favoured, anointed and no one can stand in front of me and tell me that they are my blessing. Anyone who comes across my life should realise I am the one that is a blessing to them and not vice versa.  After all I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I am the virtuous woman they wrote about in the Bible. Whatever my hands touch is blessed, so whenever I feel tired I will read to myself this reminder. When I feel weak I will gain my strength back from this reminder.

From myself


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Jehovah your name is great. if i were to stand in your presence will i be able to speak at all? You are beautiful and bless me beyond my dreams

it is finished

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jesus said it is finished, it is done. just praise his holy name. his love for us moves mountains. after darkness comes light, after night comes morning