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in memory of a friend who was a victim and could not find a way out RIP

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Letters to my husband
Letter to my husband
Dear husband
I saw you yesterday and I know you saw me too, but you just passed me as if you hadn’t. I shouted your name really loud but you just kept walking as if I wasn’t there. Was my voice not loud enough and did you not see my smile?
Even when I walked into the house too, you behaved still with scorn. The way you looked at me and smirked your face made me cry. I could not show you though the tears in my eyes because then you could see the defeat I felt that very moment. Instead when I went to the bathroom I just laid in there and I cried. I cry a million times but I just never show you.
I don’t know where it all went wrong that you treat me worse than my own fears. I gave you the beauty of my youth and I gave you all my essence of being a woman. I gave birth to our 3 beautiful children but all I have now is scars that will never fade away.

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jealousy and envy

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There are things that everyone should know in life and they form the fundamentals of how we relate to each other. I am often left gobsmacked so to speak when people become envious of other people. It is an outright sin before the heavens to allow a spirit of envy or jealousy settle in your character. My gifts are not your gifts. The anointing that is upon my life is not equal to yours, it may be greater or lesser depending on the circumstances. No two people can ever be the same. So you may plot to bring someone down and be green with envy but you can never be like them. Know when to be competitive and whatever else the little imps in us want you to do. After all God is an infinite being so a child of the most high has unseen strength that others cannot compete against. Does it not say that a thousand shall at the side and ten thousand on the right hand side, yet nothing will touch he who dwells under the shadow of the almighty as God in his supremacy commands Angels to lift you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone. Friends do not drivel in envy and conspiracy, for when the Lion of the tribe of Judah sees the precious tears of his children he will cause havoc upon your enemies


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To the woman I love
You are the most beautiful woman in the world. Spending time with you on our date was the most appreciated thing I have done in years. Its almost as if for so many lifetimes I was missing a link, and in the moment I laid my eyes on you that missing piece in the puzzle finally fell into place. Your presence in my life has made me see that all the mistakes I made were just a way of making me wait for perfect to come along. Now I can say that my life is a masterpiece painted and ready for display.
I will lay my life down for you and the children, those that are here and those yet to grace us with their presence. I am asking please allow me to be a part of you. I will do all that I can and more with the help from above to protect and defend you, to love and cherish you. It will be the greatest honour if you would go out with me on yet another date.
From a man who loves you beyond words


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My name is Keisha and I once was a mistress to Chris. I was the major contributing factor to him divorcing his wife Kadija and leaving his three boys. I was gleeful when he told me all the bad things he had done to Kadija. I thought I was a queen and that my outward beauty would take me places. I never thought I will cry tears like a river. I am now also a single mother. After Chris divorced Kadija we were living the high life and when it was found out that Chris was stealing he lost his job. Money ran out and I left him. I did not know by then that I was HIV positive because it turns out I wasn’t the only young woman in his life. There were 6 other mistresses and not to mention his other one night stands on his so called business trips. I found out my condition when I was 8 months pregnant. I nearly jumped off the bridge that day.

It really is true what goes around comes around. I really should have been kind to Kadija. I heard she got born again and I think she put a spell on me. Someone told me that once you get born again God will make your enemies your footstool. They say he answers prayers by fire and he sends mighty armies to fight for his children. They say he is quoted as saying vengeance is his and that no one should touch his anointed ones. How the hell was I supposed to know that a ghetto woman like Kadija was the apple of Gods eye. She is too ordinary but they say anyone who seeks and worships him is of the Royal Priesthood. I wish someone had given me the heads up that I was dealing with a fiery fire.

I also heard that he slew the mighty men of pharaoh and king Jaben’s army even though he had Cisera who had been fighting from his youth and he had 900 chariots. I am shaking in my boots because this God that Kadija is worshipping is mighty. I really have to ask for forgiveness. I heard this frightening story is in a book called 2 Kings or something like that. Also they say he causes rain to turn into fire and he commands all elements to bow down to his will.

To every other woman who thinks it is ok to break a family please learn from me because anyone is Gods anointed.

I will write to Kadija and ask her forgiveness



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Day 20 Letters. The jealous ex husband writes


I saw you yesterday Kadija with that man who always ogles at you whenever you pass by. I have been keeping an eye on you you know and I am very upset that you have started dating. Who was looking after the boys when you were busy having a rendezvous with that young man. Don’t kid yourself and think that he loves you because he is way too refined to fall in love with someone like you. He is a very eligible bachelor and most definitely would not want to be tied down with someone who has 3 children. He is just playing you.

You will never be good enough for anyone like him. If you continue going out on dates with men, I am calling Child Protection. I do not want my children endangered and neglected. You are being irresponsible and proving to be an unfit mother. Stay away from these dates. You have been warned.



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To my sons
I know my children at the moment you are not sure what is happening as our lives have changed so much. In your hearts I know there is a lot of fear of the unknown. I want you to know that I love you more than life itself. I will give up my life just for you and I hold you in the deepest folds of my heart.
Like the Father in the heavens I have your name carved into the palms of my heart. I pray every day for your lives. When you lay asleep at night I ask the Lord to bless my 3 angels. I prophesy over your lives. I cause the blood of Jesus to rise up against anyone who means you harm. I plead with the heavens to open the flood gates of blessings. Favour will be your portion. Everywhere you go the light of the lord will shine upon you. Goodness and mercy will follow you every second. When you speak you shall bring the world to a standstill. The gentiles of the world shall bow down and serve you. I decree prosperity, life, health, peace, joy and elegance. You will rise up to be mighty men of valour and you will serve in the house of the Lord. Your names shall be wonderful and kingdoms shall be upon your shoulders.
People will seek you because of the grace of God that descends from the heavens. They will know you from the four corners of the world. I decree these prophecies and establish them. No weapon ever formed against you shall ever prosper. When you wake up in the morning and even in your sleep, you will cause the devil to shake in his boots. I release greatness over you.
So do not be afraid, you are descendants of the Covenant keeping God, made in his likeness and in his image. Whatever you see you shall seize, you shall overtake the sower and reap where you have not sowed, live in houses you have not lived. Your new Father Jehovah, will do mighty and great things in your life. You shall be the three new wonders of the world. You will change lives and history. So do not be afraid.
Love mummy


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To my Suitor from Heaven,
There is nothing more I want than honour what your eyes see in me. I will have dinner with you. I will dance with you. I will snuggle in your arms and give you back the kindness, tenderness and love you will bestow on me a thousand times and more. I will have dinner with you. You will be my king. I will be your queen. I will have dinner with you. All the gold and silver I need are in your heart. I will have dinner with you.

valentines letters HELP

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‎443 site visits today on blog. i will be doing a special valentines letter and need help with the most romantic valentines date. HELP WITH SUGGESTIONS. LEAVE SUGGESTIONS HERE

Day 16 Letters ~ Letter from a friend

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Letter from a friend
To Kadija
My friend, I know you have had a past that hurt you so much and I understand where you are coming from because I have been there with you all the while. I want to remind you of a story of a woman in the Bible who went through a lot, her name was Ruth, she lost a husband and left all that she had known and because of her faithfulness she beget herself a husband she never thought she could have. She met her Boaz. read more


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Day 15 letters: A fine man. Letter from a suitor
To the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on
Kadija, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid m eyes on. From the moment our paths crossed I knew the heavens had opened for me. For when I beheld the look in your eyes I swam into deep shores of appreciation of the beauty that covers you. I cannot compare you to anything that I know of because you are a rare pearl that cannot be measured. Your rarity needs to be protected and loved to the end of time. I must have been very good for heaven to create someone like you that I would like to cherish.

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